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Monday, 20 June 2011

Peep Behind the Scenes by Mrs OF Walton

Setting: 19th century England

Living in a carnival would be so exciting. All the bright colours and fun that go with the fair would be pure joy. At least that's what the local children thought. Bu they didn't know of Rosalie and her family.

Twelve-year-old Rosalie's life is anything but fun. Her father manages a theatrical company which travels from fairground to fairground. He doesn't take time to think about his family's needs or wants. When he's not working he's enjoying himself with the local people, only coming to the family to pressure them to keep working.

Rosalie's mother is very sick. So sick that she can't act in any of the shows, much to her husband's chagrin and wrath. But she loves Rosalie and tries to shield her from evils of the fairground.

Rosalie has to stay up late working very hard with the acting troupe. Life behind the scenes is anything but exciting. One day, a stranger gives Rosalie a picture of a shepherd holding a lamb. The man tells the young girl and her mother about the Good Shepherd, Jesus, and how He longs to show His love for them. This brings back memories from her childhood and Rosalie's mother shares her past with her daughter, explaining how she was lured into the glitter of the stage and came to marry an actor. Her past sins and sorrows loom large in her mind. One day, Rosalie gets to see her aunt for the first time and her mother instructs her to go to her aunt when she dies.

Before the mother dies, she finds peace and joy through repentance of sins and faith in Christ. Rosalie also finds the Good Shepherd and shares her joy with all she meets. Her father soon remarries a very selfish woman and when he is killed in an accident, Rosalie knows she must escape. Finding her way to her aunt, she finds finally finds a refuge and love.

Message: A clear message on the false happiness of the world, the glitter of the world is nothing compared to the peace and joy found in the Lord Jesus Christ. Clear gospel message.

Other: Classic fiction. Reprint: first published in 1877

Reading level: 10-14 years

Pages: 255
Size: 130 x 195mm
AB Publishing
Bible Version: KJV

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