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Friday, 16 December 2016

Temporary Closure

Petersham Depot will be closed from 5pm Friday 16th December 2016.

The Lord willing, we hope to back in operation as usual by mid-February 2017.

Orders received after Friday 16th December will not be processed until we re-open.


Wednesday, 14 December 2016

On Wings Like Eagles Journal

With an inspirational Bible verse on every page, these beautifully presented spiral-bound hardback journals feature 170 ruled pages with delicate margin artwork, plus a ribbon bookmark.
NKJV Scripture verses on each page.
170 pages.
Size: 15 cm x 22 cm.
Elim Art.
# STT5635

Monday, 28 November 2016

Daily Life at the Time of Jesus by Miriam Feinberg Vamosh

Vivid, original illustrations of life in New Testament times, maps, photographs of the Holy Land and the most significant archaeological finds of the past half-century combine to bring alive the times of Jesus in a novel and fascinating way. From the inspiring historical background of the unique period which has affected the lives of so many to the succinct, in-depth explanations that accompany each illustration, this is a perfect book for all ages.

(example of full-page illustrations)

Full colour illustrations throughout.
Reading level: 8 years to Adult.
104 pages
210 x 270mm
Bible Version: NKJV

The Lord is With You Keyrack

Hang this embossed wood keyrack in any room for an inspirational accent. The Lord is with you wherever you go. Joshua 1:9
Embossed Wood keyrack with airbrushed accents and brass hooks.
Plaque comes easel backed and has a D-Ring for hanging.
Individually boxed.

Size: 12.7 x 19.2cm

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Christian? (Telegu)

Am I a Christian? What is a Christian exactly? A booklet showing that being a Christian is all about relationship with God.
10.5 x 14.8cm

The Story of a Scientist by Lambert Dolphin Jr

The testimony of a scientist and his discovery through faith of the reality of a living God who loves and cares and provides eternal salvation for those who put their trust in the work of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

24 pages
9.4 x 15.3cm

Who Else Could? (Tagalog)

Booklet highlighting Scriptures showing that only the eternal Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ, could bring salvation through His death and resurrection at Calvary and thus provide a way of salvation for lost mankind as well as an eternal home with Himself.
10.5 x 14.8cm

Good News for You (Punjabi)

A gospel booklet written to enlighten needy souls, in view of world events.
107 x 140mm

Gospel of Mark (Punjabi)

 Easy-To-Read Edition
13.6 x 19.7cm

Gospel of Luke (Gujarati)

12 x 17.2cm

New Testament (Telegu)

Easy-To-Read Edition
267 pages
13.5 x 21.2cm

Gospel of John (Urdu)

10.2 x 16.6cm

Gospel of Luke (Tamil)

12.6 x 17cm

Gospel of John (Punjabi)

Size: 13.8 x 21.7cm

Gospel of Mark (Chinese)

9 x 13cm
Revised Chinese Union Version

Gospel of Luke (Simplified Chinese)

Chinese Union version with new punctuation in simplified script.
9 x 13 cm 

Gospel of Matthew (Simplified Chinese)

109 pages
Size: 9.1 x 13cm
Chinese Union Version with New Punctuation (Shen edition)

Gospel of John

Hindi #MGLH023

Bengali #MGLB027

Malayalam #MGLMM05

Telegu #MGLTE07

Also available in:
Amharic #MGLAM03
Tamil #MGLT018

12.4 x 17.2cm

Bible (Cambodian)

Imitation leather Bible
Ribbon marker
Size: 12 x 17 x 3.8cm
Khmer Standard Version

The Life of Christ (Arabic)

Do you know Jesus Christ? - This booklet shows you the character of Jesus Christ on the base of the word of God. He, the only Son of God, came to earth. Read the story of Christ Jesus' birth, life, miracles and teachings, His death and resurrection.

The text comes directly from the Gospels. Difficult words are explained in small notes at the end of every page to make the life of Christ understandable for every one.

This booklet is ideal for distribution.

8.5 x 11.4cm

Are You Prepared? (Greek)

Are you prepared to die? Where will you go if you die today? - You still have the choice today, but consider: Your live depend on it!

Gospel tract
4 pages
10.6 x 14.8cm

Whither Bound? (Urdu)

Selection of gospel stories.

40 pages.
Size: 120 x 178mm
MGL Multilingual

Is Jesus Christ the Son of God? (Urdu)

A biblical perspective of a common question among Muslims, “Is Jesus the Son of God?” Simple yet reverent.

6 pages
90 x 144mm
MGL Multilingual

He Took My Whipping (Urdu)

A story of school boys, strict rules, a thief and his punishment. The innocent takes the punishment for the guilty.
Gospel tract
4 pages
95 x 144mm
MGL Multilingual

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Gospel of John Large Print (Maori)

Large-print Maori Gospel according to John in an attractive pictorial cover for use by Maori-speaking people of New Zealand. TBS revised 1868 version.

Page Size: 210 x 148mm
Trinitarian Bible Society

Economy Outreach Bibles (NKJV)

Put God’s Word into action with the easy-to-share New King James Version Holy Bible. With more than 7.5 million NKJV Outreach Bibles distributed, the new NKJV Holy Bible offers the best translation for studying God's Word in a convenient, easy-to-read, inexpensive edition for personal or ministry use. The improved, larger type size, plan of salvation, and 30 Days with Jesus reading plan make this Bible perfect for everyone.
 Features include:
  • Complete text of the New King James Version
  • ABCs of Salvation
  • Life in New Testament Times
  • 30 Days with Jesus reading plan
  • Ministry, Miracles, and Parables of Jesus
  • Easy to read, 8-point type
Size: 137 x 212 x 30mm
Thomas Nelson

Monday, 21 November 2016

The Bridge to God Posters

Excellent aid with teaching God's way of salvation. A simple presentation of man's sin and need of salvation and how Christ is the bridge to God.

Set of five full colour posters.

Size: 77 x 51 cm.
Christian Book Room

Bible Version: none

Friday, 18 November 2016

2 Timothy Memory Journal

Memorize with your very own memory journal. All 83 verses of 2 Timothy conveniently divided into 16 bite-size lessons. Write out each verse in your favorite translation, then answer the study questions to increase your understanding of God's Word.

God’s Word committed to heart and applied through the power of the Holy Spirit will fuel biblical meditation (Psa. 1:2), energize your witness (Jer. 20:9), imitate Christ (Matt. 4:4), and much more! Think of this journal as an aid to bring God’s Word into your heart. For 16 weeks, you’ll write out a segment of 2 Timothy, memorize it line-by-line, and answer study questions. What you gain will be worth every ounce of effort.

16 assignments.
64 pages.
Size: 14 x 21.5cm
Level: Adult
Scripture Memory Fellowship
Bible Version: has a few quotes from NKJV but can be used with any version
* For more information visit Scripture Memory Fellowship System

The Word of the Lord

"O earth, earth, earth, Hear the word of the LORD!" (Jer. 22:29). The Word of the Lord , a memory book of the Bible Book Adult series, treats memorizers to the highlights of the tragic yet majestic prophecies of Jeremiah, showing the power of the Word of God. Each of the fifteen assignments contains two to three verses, with a brief commentary and explanation of each verse.
15 assignments.
36 pages.
Size: 8.7 x 14.6cm
Level: Adult
Scripture Memory Fellowship
Bible Version: KJV
* For more information visit Scripture Memory Fellowship System