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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

One Woman Against the Reich by Helmut W Ziefle

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Setting: Nazi Germany, 1938-1945

Summary: The story of a German Christian family during World War Two.

Georg and Maria Ziefle had three children when Adolf Hitler took over Germany: 13 year old Reinhold, 11 year old Kurt, and 10 year old Ruth. As the influence of Hitler took over, the pressure placed on the children at school to join the Hitler Youth and other activities.  Kurt was lured into the glitter and prestige of being a leader in his Hitler Youth group but the other children faced persecution. Maria's heart ached for the safety of her children. Not only for their physical and emotional safety but their spiritual lives.
A Protestant family who refused to compromised with the regime, even at home the pressure was unrelenting and unforgiving. Even the neighbours harassed and threatened. When Maria discovered she was expecting another baby she was terrified of what this child would face. However, God's comfort and assurance gave her strength and Helmut (the author) was born in 1938. When the war began Georg was conscripted but mercifully allowed to work in the local Red Cross station. As the boys matured their parents agonised over what would happen to them. Reinhold was conscripted and sent to some of the most dangerous places but God worked in amazing ways, removing him at just the right times. At war's end he was imprisoned by the Russians but his life spared until his release in 1950. Kurt joined the Air Force but before he actually joined the action he was seriously injured and thus his life was spared.
In the heavy bombing of Heilbronn, their hometown, as the Allies gained supremacy, the family was again and again spared in amazing ways. A story of God's protection, providence and provision.

Message: A powerful portrayal of the courage and determination of a Christian parent to remain obedient to God in spite of the enticements and assaults of a hostile culture. This struggle continues today. Our secular culture, filled with enticing messages and explicit images, applies relentless pressure on our children.

Other: Originally written in German in 2000

Reading level: 16 years - Adult

Pages: 189
Size:152 x 230mm
Kregel Publications. 2003

Bible Version: KJV

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