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Monday, 13 June 2011

For One Moment by Christmas Carol Kauffman

Setting: Germany, World War I to about 1950

Summary: At 5 years of age, Herbe's life is turned completely upside-down when, instead of returning home from fighting in Italy, his father divorces his mother and demands that Herbe and his 9 year-old brother go to live with him and his new wife in Austria. Unwanted by their stepmother, Herbe is sent to Czechoslovakia to attend a Catholic school for preparation for priesthood. While there his beloved brother dies breaking Herbe's heart. He also is disillusioned about the Catholic church and finally persuades his father to allow him to become an apprentice for a glazier. Years pass and Herbe continues to experience many hurts and disappointments. When Hitler comes to power, Herbe believes that Hitler will be the answer to all his troubles. Joining the army he risks all for the regime he completely believes in. When Hitler commits suicide Herbe wonders if life is a mindless progression of disappointments. Is it a wasteland of pain and dashed hopes? Must it be empty of purpose and meaning?
Bitter, frustrated, fighting against a God he doesn't know or understand, Herbe comes to a moment of crisis. Almost shot as a spy, Herbe realises his need to know God. He soon realises that God had His hand over every detail of his life. From that time on Herbe's life was dedicated to serving the Lord.

Message: The importance of love, the emptiness of the world and the goodness of God which leads to repentance.

Reading level: 16 years to Adult

Pages: 353
Publisher: Christian Light Publications. Originally published 1960.
Size: 108 x 177mm

Bible Version: KJV

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