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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Aurie's Wooden Leg by Lionel A Hunt

Click here to view an excerpt from the book

Setting: Edmonton and northern Canada. Sometime before World War One, when X-rays, telephones, automobiles, etc were new inventions.

Summary: Twins, Tony and Valerie Johnson (no age given in the story, although they were old enough to go to school and should have been able to read fluently - lack of schooling meant they were delayed) have recently lost their mother and now their father is very sick. The doctor has given up hope and told Mr Johnson to finish up his affairs and arrange for the children's care. This is done and the twins (with $8000 for their support) are given to Mr and Mrs Davis, a couple who have no scruples, are uneducated, selfish and decide to keep the money for themselves.
Aurie, as Tony calls Valerie, knows the Lord Jesus Christ as her Saviour and Friend but Tony cannot understand how the Lord's death could save him. Before leaving their father, Aurie promises to 'bring' Tony to the truth so the family will meet one day in heaven. The children are also given a package each from their mother, which contains a Bible, a message and $10. Very quickly the Davis' find one Bible, which is burnt, and one $10 note, which they steal from the children. The children are rather neglected and forced into slaving for the couple.
Wanting to escape with the money, Mr Davis arranges for Tony to be placed in an orphanage (he is too sharp) and Aurie is taken with the couple on a long and dangerous journey to the wilds of Canada where the Davis settle and build a farm. On the way, Aurie meets a girl, Laura, who she confides her life story in and also leads the girl to the Lord.
Some time later, Laura is lost in a town and a man finds her. As it turns out it is Mr Johnson, recovered from his illness and now searching for his lost children. Through his meeting with Laura and her family, he is able to get enough clues to find Tony and then go off with Tony on the trip to find Aurie. By this time Aurie has had many adventures and has found that the Davis are related to a criminal wanted by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
Just as the Davis are trying to escape, leaving Aurie behind, Mr Johnson and Tony arrive. Tony and Aurie are locked in a barn during a blizzard and Tony sacrifices his leg for the life of his sister. Thus, his wooden leg becomes known as 'Aurie's wooden leg' and he learns the meaning behind the verse "The Son of God loved me, and gave Himself for me."

Message: A very clear gospel message simply told in terms that children can understand. The Lord will never leave or forsake His own.

Other: At the beginning of the book, it mentions that television and radio are "wonderful" things. "Wonderful" possibly means "amazing." Definitely fiction as the story is very hard to believe!

Reading level: 7-10 years.

Size: 133 x 191mm
AB Publishing. 2006

Bible Version: KJV

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