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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Light from Heaven by Christmas Carol Kauffman

Setting: Rural America, early 20th century

Summary: Annie Stokes married a young man who everyone thought was a fine Christian but within a week of her marriage she'd learnt that it was a facade that he liked to present to the public. Hypocritical, harsh and self-centred he made life miserable for his family and it seemed he had an extra strong dislike for his oldest son, Joseph. He showed more concern for his farm and horses than for his wife and children. Work was first. Mishaps were dealt with harshly. Praise was a foreign language.
Deprived of her husband's love and confidence, Annie poured her affection on her children, especially Joseph. Sometimes she intervened when discipline was unjust and merciful. The abuse was hard to understand. To provide for and protect the children, she and Joseph shared secret and made plans behind his father's back.
Annie prayed devoutly for her children. When her husband refused to provide for basic needs the Lord worked in marvellous ways. And though Joseph struggled, he was determined to have right attitudes toward his father. As he permitted his trials to deepen his faith, his life became a blessing to others. Although the home was a hotbed for bitterness and emotional desolation, a devout mother bridged the gap, loving her children, teaching them Bible stories, teaching them to respect their father and praying fervently for their safety and salvation. Those prayers were heard and the children learnt to forgive and rise above their circumstances to a life of purpose and peace.

Message: Points to the one true hope for all man's miseries - Jesus Christ. The power of God despite a horrendous family situation. The tremendous influence of a praying mother.

Other: This story is basically true. For continuity and interest, the author drew from her own imagination and knowledge of the characters and their times. So while the characters are true and the main events are true the conversations etc are based on what happened and not particularly what was said.

Reading level: 16 years - Adult


Publisher: Christian Light Publications

Pages: 537

Size: 134 x 210mm

Bible version: KJV

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