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Thursday, 31 August 2017

Samuel Rutherford and His Friends by Faith Cook

A man may be known by the company he keeps. Here,
Faith Cook introduces us to Samuel Rutherford's friends,
who are called on to give us a fresh look at the man who
has long been held in such high affection by Christian
people around the world.
The days in which Samuel Rutherford (c.1600-1661)
lived were ones in which 'a man must sin or suffer', and
most of Rutherford's friends chose the latter course. Two
were martyred, two exiled and all paid a high price for
allegiance to the truth.

The primary aim of these short biographies is to cast
light on Rutherford's genius as a faithful counsellor and
spiritual guide. We are introduced to the depth and
beauty of his Letters and brought to share in the wisdom
and consolation of his pastoral ministry.

Reading Level: 16 years to Adult
Pages: 183
Size: 121 x 181mm
Banner of Truth
Bible Version: KJV

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