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Friday, 9 March 2018

Bible Story Picture Posters (New Testament)

Beautifully detailed artwork printed on high quality copy paper.
Perfect to display in Sunday school rooms or for visual aids for Scripture/RE teaching or other children's ministries.

Artwork is taken from 101 Favorite Stories From the Bible by Ura Miller

Any picture from this book may be ordered (please allow time for them to be printed and shipped).

The following prints are in stock:
 Zacharias and Elisabeth #PSTG129

The angel Gabriel visits Mary #PSTG131 

Jesus is born in Bethlehem #PSTG133

The shepherds and the wise men #PSTG135

The Boy Jesus at the temple #PSTG137

Jesus is baptized and tempted #PSTG139

Jesus begins His ministry #PSTG141
Jesus and the Samaritan woman #PSTG143

 Jesus cancels a funeral #PSTG145

Miracle of the fishes #PSTG147

Jairus' daughter and a desperate woman #PSTG149
Bartimaeus cries out #PSTG151

A Paralyzed Man #PSTG153
Five loaves and two fishes #PSTG155

Walking on water#PSTG157

Zacchaeus - the little man #PSTG159

Quieting the storm #PSTG161

Jesus and the little children #PSTG163

 A mountaintop experience #PSTG165

The good Samaritan #PSTG169

Jesus teaches about love and forgiveness #PSTG171

The prodigal son #PSTG173

Lazarus raised from the dead #PSTG175

Jesus is risen! #PSTG189

Stephen - the first martyr #PSTG201

Philip and the Ethiopian #PSTG203

 The conversion of Saul #PSTG205

Peter's Vision #PSTG207

Paul and Silas in prison #PSTG211
 Size: 28 x 43.4cm (11 x 17 inches)
TGS International
Bible Version: none

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