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Saturday, 18 June 2016

Little Red Riding Hood

Full text of tract:
There once was a girl called Little Red Riding Hood. One day Mother asked her to take a basket of goodies to grandmother. While she was picking flowers beside the path a wolf came along. He pretended to be friends, but hurried away to grandmother’s cottage to trick the little girl. Grandmother was not so easily fooled and quickly ran away from the dangerous creature. The wolf felt sure he could get little Red Riding Hood, however, so . on went Granny’s clothes and into bed he jumped. When the little girl arrived, how surprised she was to see the big ears, eyes, and teeth of the wolf instead of her Grandmother. She ran fast, FAST, yelling for help and some workmen came and rescued her.
Boys and Girls, did you know Satan is much like that wicked wolf? The Bible calls him a roaring lion because he is so strong and causes so much trouble. Satan goes around finding whomever he can to deceive. He pretends to be friends to get you to do things God says not to do, or to get you to leave undone something you should do. Older people who are Christians, recognize Satan as an evil trickster, as Granny did the wolf. They warn you to beware of his enticing ways, and resist the temptations he places before you. God says in His Word, “Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” The workmen rescued the little girl. Preachers, teachers, and parents are rescuing boys and girls by teaching them what God’s Word says about Satan. Most important, Jesus will help us overcome Satan if we ask Him to.
Won’t you ask Jesus into your heart and life to help you conquer Satan? Jesus died on the cross that we might be saved.
“The blood of Jesus Christ. . . cleanseth us from all sin” I John 1:7
How can you be saved?
“Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved” Acts 16:31
“Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved” Romans 10:13
Then, by reading your Bible, praying often and attending church regularly, you can win the victory over Satan!

Concludes with a prayer.

4 pages.
Size: 84 x 140mm
Evangelical Tract Distributors

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