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Thursday 26 July 2018

Love Joy Peace Season's Greeting Card

In every land around the world
On many a tongue there is a Name
that speaks of God’s Beloved Son.
His name tells of His humble birth
the Man who came to save the human race.
As the Holy Lamb of God He died
to rescue from sin all who on Him will call.
As the Son of God He lives today
at God’s right hand in heaven above.
This message goes out to everyone–
His birth, His life, His death... His saving power!
All summed up in that wonderful Name –
Jesus Christ the Lord.

Colour artwork inside and on back of card featuring a kookaburra.  
Size: 117 x 168mm.
Glossy card with envelope.
Grace Hope Love & Gifts & Greetings
Australian made

Sing & Celebrate Season's Greeting Card

Front: It’s time to sing and celebrate
With a candle in hand, we join together -
It’s a time to sing, to smile, to celebrate,
To enjoy the warmth carol-singing brings. The words ring out, many voices blending-
“Silent night, holy night,
Son of God, love’s pure light…”
The “Son of God” - that Babe born in Bethlehem,
Came to dispel the darkness of sin -
The sin that separates us from a holy God.
But, “I am the Light of the world,” Jesus Christ declared.
The light of His Truth,
The light of His Word,
The light of eternal Life He gave.
This is the gift of God - the light of life - Freely given to those who obey and follow Him.

Colour artwork inside and on back of card featuring a candle and bottlebrush.
Size: 117 x 168mm.
Glossy card with envelope.
Grace Hope Love & Gifts & Greetings
Australian made

Greatest Gift of All Season's Greeting Card

Blessing family and friends with our care;
Receiving the demonstration of another’s love
Fills our hearts with joy during the festive season.
Greater still was the gift given-
The greatest demonstration of love:
The Son of God gave Himself-
Born as the Holy Babe with purpose
That He might become like us, but without sin.
His life lived in humility and obscurity –
Showing the heart of God the Father;
Rich in mercy and love to rescue
His creation gone astray
Through the death of His Son-
The perfect sacrifice.
His life given for all who will believe
The greatest gift of all – Eternal Life

Colour artwork inside and on back of card.
Size: 117 x 168mm.
Glossy card with envelope.
Grace Hope Love & Gifts & Greetings
Australian made

The Shepherds of Bethlehem Season's Greeting Card

Features artwork inspired by photos of shepherds in Israel.

Front: Good tidings of great joy
The faithful godly prophets of old
The Son of God had always foretold.
They knew He would be the world’s great light
To shine in sin’s darkest deepest night.
Yet when He came folks couldn’t believe
He was a babe, not King to receive!
Peacefully the Saviour had arrived -
Such humble birth could not be contrived!
Herod sought this Babe to end His life
And that was only the start of strife -
They mocked Him and tried to trick Him up,
But that wasn’t yet the most bitter cup.
One day His own betrayed Him by night;
They stripped Him and His back did they smite.
Perfect Lamb of God - He gave His all -
They gave Him a crown of thorns, and gall
He cried out as God forsook Him there
While He bore our sins with tender care.
His life He gave, in a tomb He lay;
Three days and nights - He did not decay.
Then - what delight! - from the grave He rose -
The tomb was empty, save for His clothes!
This King was seen by those He selected;
To heaven He went - His work perfected!
This Man is Jesus, God’s only Son;
Peace with God for mankind He has won.
This season is a time to reflect -
Will you this gift of God’s love accept?

Colour artwork inside and on back of card..Size: 117 x 168mm.
Glossy card with envelope.
Grace Hope Love & Gifts & Greetings
Australian made

New Testament (Malayalam)

 280 pages.
12 x 18cm

Chinese Contemporary Bible (Simplified, Large Print)

9781563208072, Chinese Contemporary Bible, Large Print, Paperback, Red 
This handy sized Chinese Contemporary Bible features a durable red flex-cover making it easy to take with you on the go. Also features large, easy-to-read 10.5-point Bible text on quality Bible paper. The additional helps in the back make this Bible perfect for outreach. 

Full text of the simplified script of the Chinese Contemporary Bible (CCB) 
Quality Bible paper with a durable flex-cover material
2-column format
10.5-point text size
12.9 x 18.4 x 2.6cm