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Saturday 23 August 2014

Islam & Christianity

Best-selling Christian booklet, Islam and Christianity, compares basic teachings of Christians and Muslims on eight topics and helps Christians understand the differences and explain their faith.

Islam and Christianity Comparison Chart shows Christian and Muslim Beliefs on These 8 Key Topics
Religious History
Who is God
The Holy Scriptures
Practices and Rituals
Salvation and Paradise
The Role of Women
Islam and Christianity Features a Handy Comparison Chart that Helps Christians Explain their Faith with Cultural Sensitivity—
What Muslims Believe
What Christians Believe
How to Correct Misunderstandings

With this knowledge, you can have better discussions with Muslim friends and co-workers without offending them. Size: 8.5"x 5.5" unfolds to 33" long. Fits inside most Bible covers.

Islam & Christianity is an excellent tool for pastors, teachers and others who are interested in discovering the beliefs that Christians and Muslims have in common and those that are different. This tool will help pastors and leaders equip missions-minded believers to avoid common witnessing mistakes and to be more sensitive about sharing their faith with Muslims. Discover what Muslims have been taught about Christianity and how to answer their questions and concerns.

Table of Contents: The Islam & Christianity Pamphlet
Religious History — Who are the key people to know: Muhammad, Jesus, Abraham, Adam
Who is God — Understanding differences.
The Holy Scriptures — Trustworthiness and inspiration
Prophets — What is a prophet and who qualifies
Practices and Rituals — 5 Pilars of Islam, Commandments of Jesus
Salvation and Paradise — Rewards and penalties on the Judgment Day
The Role of Women — Modesty and protection of women in each culture
Religion and Culture — The concern about materialism
Fascinating facts About Islam and Christianity
Muslims believe Muhammad is the final prophet, but that Jesus was born of a virgin and lived a sinless life.
Many Muslims misunderstand the concept of the Trinity.
Some Muslims are worried that Western society will corrupt their children because of the images they see on TV and magazines.
Muslims are committed to the Five Pillars of religion.
Don's and Don'ts from Islam & Christianity
Do make it clear you are a Christian
Don't argue
Do be sensitive to cultural manners: men should speak with men, women with women
When sitting don't point the sole of your shoe toward anyone.

12 panels.
Size: 140 x 217mm, unfolds to 838mm long. Fits inside most Bible covers.
Rose Publishing
Bible Version: NKJV

Monday 18 August 2014

Zvi: The Miraculous Story of Triumph Over the Holocaust by Elwood McQuaid

For more than half a century ZVI has endured as the best-selling book produced by The Friends of Israel. Millions of people have been touched by this story of a World War II waif in Warsaw, Poland. As a 10-year-old Jewish boy, Zvi was separated from his parents and forced to face the trials of survival in Adolph Hitler's crazed world. How he triumphed against all odds and found his way to Israel and faith in the Messiah is one of the greatest stories of our time. This is a book you will find difficult to lay down.

Pages: 352
Size: 140 x 217mm
Friends of Israel
Bible Version: KJV

Friday 15 August 2014

Cupcake Apron & Towel Set

Pretty as it is practical, designer apron and towel set features colourful cupcake motif on spring green with Scripture verse accents.
Taste and see that the Lord is good! Psalm 34:8
How sweet are your words to my taste! Psalm 119:103
100% cotton; towel measures 457 x 635mm; apron measures 584 x 813mm.


Capturing Jasmina by Kimberly Rae

Capturing Jasmina, fiction for young adult readers, is the story of Jasmina, a young girl in India, and her brother, Samir. The children are sold by their father to a man promising them an education and good jobs. But, as Jasmina and Samir soon discover, the man is providing an education, not in a school, but as a slave in his sweatshop garment factory. While Samir quickly submits to his new life of misery, Jasmina never stops planning an escape. She comes to realize that escape doesn’t always mean freedom.
Teens will identify with Jasmina as, though they may not be running from traffickers, they are looking for acceptance and love, and the true refuge for all is the same - the Lord Jesus Christ.
This book expounds on the terrifying prospect of red-light districts and human trafficking without going into the painfully honest details that would be reserved for more mature audiences.
116 pages.


Mystery in the Snow by J M Evans

Not long after solving their first mystery, Ravi, Debbie, Lance and Joel find themselves with another problem; Ravi's shed has been burgled. Can they find out who did it? The plot thickens as an old lady's handbag goes missing, then a cat disappears. Can all these things be connected? Join the Christian friends as they find answers in unexpected places. The exciting sequel to The Treasure Hunt.
109 pages.
Dernier Publishing.


The Treasure Hunt by J M Evans

Ravi, Debbie, Joel and Lance's first exciting mystery adventure. Who is in the back of the white lorry and why are they there? Prayer, faith and their Bible knowledge all help, but when the case takes an unexpected turn, the friends also need to be courageous and obedient. Will they find out what is going on and find the real treasure?
93 pages.
Dernier Publishing.


Seeds, Dirt, Fruit DVD

Jesus told simple stories so everyone who heard them would understand the message. Host Jim Bergwall takes the seeds of these stories, digs into them and illustrates with hands-on teaching how "good fruit doesn't just happen."
SEEDS In "Seeds," Jim explains that a seed can be dormant for days, weeks, even years before the conditions are right for it to sprout. Then it becomes the plant it was designed to be. In this episode, Jim conveys that, whether it is literal seeds or the Word of God, seeds contain LIFE!
DIRT As he digs further in "Dirt," Jim examines the various kinds of soil, bringing to life Jesus' Parable of the Sower. He visits a scientist, who reveals the ingredients necessary to produce good soil, which will nurture the seeds into healthy, life-giving plants.
FRUIT What does it really mean to "bear fruit?" Jim Bergwall explains this Biblical principle using the fruit we eat as an example. Join him as he visits an orchard and shows how good fruit appeals to all five senses, it is nourishing and carries life.
Using Scripture and hands-on teaching from a fruit-grower, Jim shows how good fruit is carefully tended, needs light and water and is pruned to make better fruit. This series is a useful tool for family devotions, Sunday school, children's church, VBS, or for anyone who wants a deeper understanding of what it really means to Abide in the True Vine.
Three segments, approximately 28 minutes each
Recommended for ages 6-12 but interesting for even adults!

Bible Version: Not KJV

Monday 4 August 2014

Father's Day Bookmark

Size: 51 x 165mm
Warner Press
Pack size: 25
Note: Pack size is given for those purchasing in bulk. Bookmarks may be purchased singly or in any quantity.

Bible Version: KJV

Broadman Bookmarks (3)

Blank on back

Back: Proverbs 31:25-29

Back: 1 Samuel 17:47

Blank on back

Size: 51 x 165mm
Pack size: 25
Note: Pack size is given for those purchasing in bulk. Bookmarks may be purchased singly or in any quantity.

Bible Version: KJV