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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Shadow of Death by Lilli Schultze

Setting: Nazi Germany 1940s to 1980s in America

Summary: Growing up in a Christian family, Lilli had been taught to pray but it wasn't until she was about 17 years old that she realised that memorised prayers were not enough. Praying from the heart, Lilli accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Saviour. Now instead of being sad when having to decline non-Christian friends invitations to social events, Lilli was joyful.
After Papa is conscipted by the Nazis, and never heard from again, life becomes even more difficult for Lilli's mother, her younger sister and her 12 year old brother. As the Germans start to retreat from the Eastern front, the German population is forced from their homes and told to move west. This leaves the family in desperate straits and without a father, Lilli is forced to shoulder the responsibility of the family. Their journey is hazardous but their dependance on the Lord is rewarded as He saves them from and through many terrible situations.
Once the war is over, Lilli and her family are almost sent to a terrible life in Siberia but are able to find refuge with relatives in East Germany. However, the situation is not comfortable and poverty abounds and they decide that they must cross the border to West Germany so they can apply for immigration to North America. God again brings about many miracles, answering their prayers for help in amazing ways. Finally, they emigrate to the USA where life becomes much easier. However, they miss family and fellow-Christians back in Europe and so Lilli manages to travel back to Europe a couple of times, meeting up with friends and family and hearing the stories of horrendous suffering in Russia and East Germany but also of God's amazing comfort, strength and help in times of trouble.

Message: God hears and answers prayer. Gospel of salvation clearly spelt out. What is impossible with man is possible with God.

Reading level: 16 years to adult
Bible version: KJV
Publisher: Christian Light Publications. 1981
Pages: 281
Size: 107 x 177mm

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